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Brown & Gallo, LLC, Reprimanded for Incentive Gift-Giving Violations

September 21, 2011

In September 2011, the Board of Court Reporting of the Judicial Council of Georgia issued a public reprimand to Brown & Gallo, LLC, and a $3,000 fine for its admitted unethical conduct with regard to incentive gift-giving. Brown & Gallo, LLC, “acknowledged that it had violated the Board of Court Reporting Code of Professional Ethics when it provided $25 gas cards to 79 clients which exceeded $50 in the aggregate per recipient in 2008 [sic].”

An administrative grievance was initially registered by the Georgia state Board of Court Reporting in September 2008. The grievance claimed that Brown & Gallo, LLC, violated the Board's Code of Ethics pursuant to Part I(H) stating, "The Code of Ethics prohibits the giving, directly or indirectly, of any gift, incentive, reward or anything of value to attorneys, clients, or their representatives or agents, except for nominal items that do not exceed $50 in the aggregate per recipient each year."

In March 2010, the case was remanded to the state Superior Court, which ruled in favor of the Court Reporting Board. After counsel with its attorneys, Brown & Gallo accepted the public reprimand and a $3,000 fine.