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Why You Should Advertise in the JCR



Whether your target customers are official court reporters, freelance judicial reporters, captioners, CART providers, agency owners, reporting school instructors, videographers, scopists, or reporting students, the JCR offers an effective, affordable way for you to reach them.

A readership study in 2008 revealed the following about the JCR readership:


  • 58.7% of the respondents read three-quarters or more of each issue, and another 16.5% say they read about half of each issue.
  • 12.8% spend two or more hours reading each issue; another 40.1% spend from one to two hours reading each issue.
  • 57.8% save their copy of the JCR for future reference when they are finished reading it, and 8.3% pass their copy along to someone else.


  • 71% of respondents said they have contacted a vendor about a product or service based on advertising in the JCR
  • 76.4% of respondents said they have visited a vendor's Web site based on advertising in the JCR
  • 49.1% strongly agree the JCR is a high-quality professional and appealing magazine; 46% agree.
  • 66.3% strongly agreed or agreed the articles in the JCR are relevant to me in my job.

We asked respondents how they felt about a series of statements. Here is the percentage of respondents who "strongly agree" or "agree" with each statement:  

  • I find the articles in the JCR credible and thorough — 95.1%
  • I find something of value in every issue — 86.2%

Experience and Outlook

We asked respondents, "Which statement comes closet to describing your professional experience?" 

  • New to the profession; making the transition from school to reporter — 2.1%
  • Growing and developing as a professional; getting better at what I do — 14.9%
  • Established as a reporter, 'know the ropes' — 40.2%
  • Working reporter transitioning to a new specialty in the profession — 7.4%
  • A master reporter; have seen it all, have wisdom to share — 29.8%
  • Retired from day-to-day reporting, but still interested and involved — 5.4%

Finally, here are the responses to the question, "Which statement best describes your outlook?"  

  • I enjoy what I do for a living and am optimistic about my future — 58.5%
  • I enjoy what I do for a living but worry about my future — 35.8%
  • I don't enjoy what I do but am optimistic about my future — 3.0%
  • I don't enjoy what I do and worry about my future — 2.7%