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NCRA Classifieds

Why advertise here?

NCRA classified advertising is specifically designed to benefit NCRA members in the reporting, videography, and broadcast/CART captioning communities. Rely on NCRA’s classified ads as an optimal way to connect with your targeted marketplace, keep connected with your industry, and reach your ideal audience. You can advertise services, sell equipment, or place recruitment ads in the categories noted below. 

Submitting ads

To submit an ad, download the NCRA Classified Ad Contract, complete it including payment information, and send it to the attention of Vivian Thompson via fax to 703-391-0629.

Contact information:

Vivian Thompson
Advertising and Vendor Relations Manager
Tel: 703-584-9036; Fax: 703-391-0629
National Court Reporters Association
12030 Sunrise Valley Dr., Suite 400
Reston VA 20191


Download NCRA Classified Ad Contract


Classified information

Vehicle: Prints in JCR magazine or web-based

Audience: Member & nonmember

Cost: All rates are per ad to run for a 30-day period, whether print or online. Advertisers may choose to use both formats for maximum audience penetration.

  • NCRA member rate is $2.00/word with a $20.00 minimum for online classified ads; $7.00/word with a $70.00 minimum in JCR magazine; combo (online + JCR) is $9.00 per word with $90.000 minimum.
  • Nonmember rate is $3.00/word with a $30.00 minimum for online classified ads; $10.00/word with a $100 minimum in JCR magazine; combo (online + JCR) is $13.00 per word with $130.00 minimum.
  • Officialship postings of government openings are published online at a $50 flat fee per job posting, or $125 flat fee per job posting per month in JCR magazine; officialship combination rate (online + JCR) is $175 per posting per month.

Important notes:

    • No ads may be placed over the phone; submit the language for your classified in a Word document by email to
    • Refunds will not be granted once ads have been placed.
    • Payment information must be received before classified advertising can be posted; payments may be charged to American Express, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover.
    • Online ads are posted within 3 days of acceptance; classified ads in JCR magazine will print 60 to 120 days after submission as part of the regular magazine publishing schedule.
Ad submission categories

Ads may be submitted in the following categories:

Employment opportunities:
  • Freelance
  • International
  • National
  • Officialships
  • Seeking
  • Work from home
Equipment mart:
  • Book & tapes
  • Equipment/hardware
  • Miscellaneous
  • Software

NCRA reserves the right to accept or reject advertising.

NCRA makes no representations with respect to prospective employers or employees. NCRA does not screen, evaluate, or verify positions available or prospective employees, nor does it act as intermediary before or after a job is filled. NCRA assumes no liability for statements made about a job or a job seeker’s qualifications made in conjunction with these ads. NCRA will not accept employment advertising that indicates a preference or an intention to make a preference in terms of race, color, sex, national origin, age, disability, pregnancy, marital status, religion, sexual orientation, or political affiliation.