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NCRA’S call for essays

How did you survive court reporting school?

What we are looking for

We're looking for informational narratives that offer current and prospective students a chance to learn from and relate to your personal experiences. Ideally, these entries should share certain qualities – insight, reflection, a personal voice and a down-to-earth tone. Creativity is encouraged and humor is a plus.

Our goal

Selected participants' stories will be compiled into a book featuring a collection of inspirational and motivational essays that can be used as a resource for students. Our main goal in this initiative is to encourage and inspire students through stories from your perspective, as someone who has successfully completed court reporting school.

Suggested topics

  • Your personal experiences in court reporting school.
  • Tips and advice. What were your most successful study techniques?
  • Did you have a mentor? If so, how did you go about obtaining one?
  • How often did you talk and/or meet with your mentor throughout your schooling?
  • How did they help you succeed?
  • What were some of the challenges you faced?
  • How did you overcome them?
  • What was your biggest motivation throughout school?
  • If you were to meet someone who had no knowledge of the profession, what would you tell them about court reporting school?
  • How would you encourage a student pursuing this profession?

Most importantly

  • This should be a personal narrative.
  • Keep in mind:
    • This should be written in the first person.
    • Please avoid controversial topics.

Guidelines for submission

  • Well written essays that offer insightful commentary and/or helpful tips.
  • Submissions should be typed, double spaced and no more than 1,200 words (please include word count).
  • Send in your story along with your submission form via email to
  • We do not accept submissions via fax or U.S. mail.
  • Please include "How I survived court reporting school" in the email subject line.
  • Submissions received without a signed essay submission form will not be considered.

What happens next?

  • Selected essays will be a blend of different types of engaging and entertaining stories chosen to resonate with the widest audience of students.
  • Finalists will be notified if their essay has been selected.
  • After an editing process, our goal is to produce a book of the final approved submissions and make it available in the NCRA store.


If you have any questions, please contact Austin Yursik via email or by phone 703-556-6272 ext. 141. 

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