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Advertise With NCRA

Print Advertising

Vehicle: Print
Audience: Member & Non-Member
Cost: Depends on placement, type and duration
Description: Advertise in the premier publication of the reporting and captioning communities, the JCR. This monthly four-color magazine is sent to all NCRA members and other reporting and captioning professionals.

October 2015 JCR mag cover

Why Advertise Here?

If you were looking for the one publication that every member of the reporting profession reads at one time or another... look no further, the JCR is that publication.

The Journal of Court Reporting is in a class by itself. No other national publication delivers information on court reporting like the JCR.

The most valuable resource available for information about the profession:

  • Readers spend more than an hour with each issue, then hang on to it for more than two years.
  • 89.8% of readers say they find something of value in every issue.
  • 84.1% of readers rate the quality of the JCR as "good" or "excellent".

Find Out More

For more information about advertising with NCRA please contact Barbara Armentrout or 703-584-9018.