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Online Classifieds

Vehicle: Web-based
Audience: Member & Non-Member
Cost: Complementary with a JCR listing.  Otherwise $2.00/word for members with a $20.00 mimimum or $3.00/word for nonmembers with a $30.00 minimum.
Description: No need to wait for your ad to appear in print.  Your ad will be posted to the web within 3 days of receiving your contract.  Ads are placed in categories specifically designed for the reporting, broadcast captioning, and CART captioning communities.

Advertise on the Online Classifieds

Why Advertise Here?

NCRA Online's Classifieds section is the electronic version of the Yellow Pages, the White Pages, and the Classifieds all combined.

NCRA Online Classifieds are available to millions of consumers via the Internet, including users of CompuServe, Prodigy, America Online and commercial Internet service providers world-wide.

We have a group of specific categories tailored to the court reporting profession.

  • Positions Available — Freelance
  • Positions Available — Officialships
  • Positions Available — Broadcast Captioners
  • Positions Available — CART Captioners
  • Positions Available — Other
  • Positions Sought
  • For Sale — Books & Tapes
  • For Sale — Hardware
  • For Sale — Miscellaneous
  • For Sale — Software
  • Seminars  
  • Services — Miscellaneous
  • Services — Scoping
  • Wanted — Miscellaneous

Find Out More

E-mail Amy Law about Classified Advertising, or fax your ad to her attention at 703-391-0629. If you have questions, please call 800-272-6272. Ad requests will not be taken over the phone. Payment must be included with your ad and may be charged to American Express, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover.