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NCRA Student Sponsorship Program

Give back to the student community

How does student sponsorship work? 

Throughout the year, NCRA gets requests from students to join the Association through court reporting schools. To fill these requests, NCRA members can help these students by sponsoring them to join the Association. Once a sponsor becomes available, a student will come off the waiting list.  

All forms and questions may be submitted to
NCRA Student Sponsorship Program



Sponsor a student online.

Alternatively, please download this form to sponsor a student and email it to


If you are a student who would like to take advantage of a sponsorship for your first year of membership, please submit the form below to  

Download this form if you would like to be sponsored

Sponsor FAQ

How much is a student sponsorship?
Student membership is $65.

Can I sponsor a specific student?
Yes. However, you must know that student personally and complete the following form with him or her. The student must complete the member information section, and you must complete the payment section. Download the student-specific application


Student FAQ

I don’t want to wait for a sponsor. Can I just join?
Yes. NCRA will do everything possible to find a sponsor for your first year of membership. However, if you are wait-listed and would like to start taking advantage of your membership benefits right away, you may join here. 

If I am wait-listed, how long will it take to get a sponsor?
It’s hard to tell. When there is a waiting list, NCRA will reach out to the community on your behalf. However, there are no guarantees for how long that will take. It could be one day, one month, or longer depending upon available sponsors.  

Can someone sponsor my renewal?
No. Sponsorships are limited to first-year student members only.


General FAQ

What if you have more sponsors than students?
Student requests come in on a rolling basis throughout the year. If there is not a student immediately in need, NCRA will reach out to the schools to let them know that more sponsors are available. 

What if you have more students than sponsors?
If there are not enough sponsors at the time of submission, students will be wait-listed until more sponsors become available. When there is a waiting list, NCRA will reach out to the reporter community to see if anyone is able to fill the need. 

Questions? Email