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NCRA Online Chat

Chat Rules

Before participating in an NCRA chat, please read the chatroom rules and guidelines.  Please note that, like the NCRA Forum, all chats are potentially public, and may be accessed by members and non-members alike.  By participating in this chat, you agree to abide by these rules. Unless otherwise stated, the transcript of this chat will be posted to the NCRA website behind a member login. Thank you for helping us to ensure a civil and fruitful dialogue in a lawful manner.




Logging in to Chat

The NCRA Chat platform is integrated with the NCRA Forum. In order to access the chat you will need to login using your NCRA Member ID number and password. You must login directly on the Forum site to particpate. Note: The chat room button appears in the main navigation of the Forum page.

If you are an NCRA member and it is the first time you've logged in to the NCRA web site your last name is the password. If you do not know your Member ID number it can be located on the mailing label of your JCR, or you can contact NCRA at 800/272-6272 or If you forgot your password, click here.