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Ethics First

Sign-Up for Ethics First

Ethics First Participant

The Ethics First Participant category includes only NCRA Members who “make the record.” To qualify to be classified as an Ethics First Participant, you must meet two qualifications:

  1. You must be an NCRA Member eligible to use the NCRA member logo
  2. You must “make the record”

This includes all NCRA members who are stenographic court reporters and Certified Legal Video Specialists (CLVS) who are members. This does not include non-member steno reporters, voice writers, DAR/ER monitors, or non-member CLVS.

Ethics First Supporter

The Ethics First Supporter category is reserved for individuals and associations that support the tenets and precepts of Ethics First, but are not involved in the actual making of the record. This category represents a wide array of individuals and organizations including: state court reporting associations, state bar associations, CART providers, captioners, attorneys, law firms, judges, judicial associations, insurance companies, vendors, scopists, transcriptionists, businesses, etc. The key difference between the supporter category and the participant category is that supporters are not directly involved in “making the record.”

Ethics First Firm

A firm may sign up for Ethics First if at least one firm owner or firm manager is an NCRA member in good standing. Only an individual who is legally able to sign on behalf of a firm will be able to register their firm as an “Ethics First Firm.”