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Member Benefit - Be Visible

Be Visible

  • Reach your widest audience and be listed in NCRA's print and online Sourcebook. Want more visibility? Contact to upgrade your listing.*
  • Receive the printed NCRA Sourcebook, a resource and referral network. **
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 Stay Informed

  • Stay informed with your annual subscription to the Journal of Court Reporting (JCR), the premier resource for court reporting professionals. Learn more at
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 Stay Educated

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*Student and retired members are not  listed in the Sourcebook, but do receive a complimentary print copy.

**The list for the printed edition is pulled on April 15 of each year. If you are not a member by this date, your printed listing will not appear until the following year.

***Students may take the RPR or CRC exam, and will automatically be converted to registered member status once certified.  (A Registered member must hold RPR or CRC designation or higher)

 Associate members are not eligible to earn certifications

**** Only Registered members are eligible to serve on the NCRA's Board of Directors. (Registered members must hold RPR or CRC designation or higher.)

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