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R = Registered membership (must hold RPR designation or higher)
P = Participating membership (must be a working stenographic reporter, CART captioner, or broadcast captioner)
A = Associate membership (must be in an affiliated profession, e.g legal videographer, scopist, or attorney)
S = Student membership (must be enrolled in court reporting school)

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 Be visible  

Be seen in the NCRA Sourcebook. The NCRA Sourcebook is the premiere publication dedicated to listing court reporter, broadcast captioner, CART captoiner, and legal videographer services.  It is distributed at industry events such as the ABA Tech Show, giving it a total print circulation of more than 17,000. In addition to the print publication, NCRA maintains a comprehensive online version of the NCRA Sourcebook that is used by both the membership as a referral network and potential clients as a resource. If you want to reach your widest audience for new clients and increased revenue potential, then you cannot afford to be left out of this publication.* X X X  
Expand your network with a free copy of the NCRA Sourcebook. As of August 2012, the printed edition of the NCRA Sourcebook became a free resource to NCRA members and will automatically arrive each summer. X X X X
Be informed
Stay informed with your annual subscription to the Journal of Court Reporting (JCR). The only national publication dedicated to the stenographic publication, the JCR is the premiere resource for anyone who works in or with the court reporting profession. X X X X
Stay ahead with the JCR Weekly delivered to your inbox every Wednesday morning. A weekly digest of what you need to know about court reporting news and technology trends, the JCR Weekly keeps you abreast of the issues affecting the profession right now. X X X X
Stay educated and get certified
Get competitive when you earn NCRA certifications such as the Registered Professional Reporter (RPR) and Certified Realtime Reporter (CRR). Did you know that on average RPRs earn 20% more than non-certified reporters? While you may test as a nonmember, you must be a member in good standing to use the credentials you’ve earned.** When you become certified, not only will you become more competitive, but you will also be added to that certification’s search results in the NCRA Sourcebook. X X   ***
Learn more with access to continuing education programs. NCRA has a comprehensive online educational system bringing you first-rate speakers in the comfort of your own home. Learn more about ways to earn continuing education. X X X X
Save money
Save money with member pricing for exams and conferences. Whether you are taking an exam or attending one of NCRA’s premiere events like the Annual Convention & Expo, NCRA offers significant discounts for members. Also, students receive deeply discounted rates to the Convention & Expo thanks to the generosity of member supporters.  X X X X
Save money on shipping and office supplies with Amplify discounts NCRA has partnered with Amplify to provide value to members by delivering significant savings of up to 40 percent on shipping with FedEx and up to 50 percent on office supplies and more with Staples Advantage X X X X
Save money with a discount on NCRA Store items. New in 2015: The RPR Study Guide. Written by testing experts, this brand-new definitive guide to earning your RPR will help you on your journey to finally “get there” with your certification. Members save 20% discount, with additional savings for students. Your discount is automatically applied to the price when you log in with your membership number. X X X X
Be protected with access to discounted rates for equipment and errors and omissions insurance. Are you prepared for what happens if your equipment is damaged? What if something goes wrong on the job? Are you protected from a financial disaster? NCRA has partnered with Mercer Insurance to bring you specialized programs that are catered to your needs as a reporter, captioner, or legal videographer. X X X X
Gain access to special credit card programs designed with you in mind.  Show your professional style with NCRA’s new customized credit cards. Special designs will be available for reporters, captioners, and videographers on a card with additional user benefits. X X X X
Be active
Be heard on a national level. When you join NCRA, you contribute to a robust and strategic government relations team that helps protect your interests on Capitol Hill. Also, the government relations staff routinely helps state associations with local issues that impact you. Learn more about NCRA's advocacy efforts X X X X
Get involved with your profession when you volunteer for one of NCRA’s many committees. As a member, you can contributed to many different areas of the profession. NCRA relies on its volunteer network to accomplish its goals, and as a member, you can help the profession excel. Find out more about NCRA's committees and task forces. X X X X
Take action with the ability to vote in NCRA elections and on bylaws changes. When issues arise that have an impact on the profession, you have the ability to vote on the future of the organization. X X    
Become a leader with the ability to serve on the NCRA Board of Directors. Take an active role in the leadership of the profession. To be elected to the board, you may go through the nomination process or challenge any one of the positions up for election that year. Learn more about serving on the board. X      

* Note: The list for the printed edition is pulled on April 15 of each year. If you are not a member by this date, your printed listing will not appear until the following year. The online NCRA Sourcebook, however, is updated monthly.

** Legal videographers may earn the CLVS certification as a nonmember.

*** You may sit for the RPR exam as a student, but once you become certified, you will automatically be converted to registered status.