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You’ll get the news and information that will keep you connected with your profession.  -  There’s no other magazine for reporting and captioning professionals like the JCR. Most members spend almost an hour with each issue – it’s that good. Inside the JCR you’ll also find the Student Reporter section focusing on issues that are near and dear to Students. You’ll also receive the NCRA NewsFlash, our e-newsletter, that comes with up-to-the-minute news to keep you in the know. In addition you’ll receive our Tech Tracker, e-newsletter, featuring the latest information on reporter technology.  Plus, is available 24/7 with the information you need to help you get through school and land your first job.

Motivation and Speedbuiliding – Reach that next speed plateau with speedbuilding tools from the NCRA Store. You’ll get up to an additional 20% off of member prices as a Student member. You’ll also find motivational tools and other study resources in the NCRA Store that will help you maximize your reporter and captioning training and get you through school.

You’ll be able to prove your competencies in both traditional and new aspects of reporting by becoming certified. -  Your NCRA Student membership opens the door to the most extensive certification programs in the reporting and captioning professions. You’ll get the recognition, prestige, and higher income you deserve when you become a Registered Professional Reporter (RPR), Certified Realtime Reporter (CRR), Certified Broadcast Captioner (CBC), or Certified CART Provider (CCP).

Connect with peers through NCRA’s online Student Community, Online Forum and Virtual Mentor Program. – Visit the NCRA online Student Community area and keep up with the pulse of what’s on the minds of reporting students and the reporting community today. The NCRA Online Forum gives you the opportunity to converse with reporters in the field and gain from their experience and expertise. If you’re looking for an even more personal experience, participate in the Virtual Mentors Program.

NCRA Protection Programs are customized for you at competitive group rates. – NCRA has spent years perfecting insurance programs that meet your exclusive needs. There are competitively priced health, life, disability, and professional liability policies open only to NCRA members. There’s even a low-cost business equipment policy that takes the place of expensive riders on your homeowner’s or renter’s policy.

Find a Job and the Equipment you need to launch your reporting career. – Utilize your member-only access to our online classifieds to find your perfect first reporting or captioning job and the equipment you need to get the job done at competitive prices.

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