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Member Directories


The online NCRA Sourcebook is a comprehensive membership directory including all specialty fields.

  • Online NCRA Sourcebook 
    Comprehensive directory of all our members and their firms broken down into categories and geographical location.
  • CART Providers
    A comprehensive search for CART providers in the online NCRA Sourcebook.
  • Certified Legal Video Specialists (CLVS)
    A comprehensive search for Certified Legal Video Specialists (CLVS) in the online NCRA Sourcebook.
  • Scopists
    A comprehensive search for Scopists in the online NCRA Sourcebook.
  • Other Reporter Associations
    This directory lists all other court reporting associations broken down by state.
  • NCRA Sourcebook
    The NCRA Sourcebook is NCRA's printed member directory with comprehensive listings for all Associate and Reporter members. The Sourcebook also includes an extensive list of reporting, broadcast captioning, and videography firms. This publication is printed annually and distributed to memebers in August.