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2015 Intersteno Keyboarding Competition via Internet

February 16, 2015

What is the Intersteno
Keyboarding Competition?Photo of Keyboard and Globe

Are you a court reporting student or QWERTY enthusiast looking for a new challenge? Do you wonder how the United States stacks up against the world in keyboarding skills? Represent our country by checking into Intersteno’s Internet Contest! Intersteno, the international group for information processing, is holding the 12th edition of its keyboarding championship by Internet, and NCRA has formed a team to represent the United States and Canada. At the end of this friendly competition, participants will see how they rank against those in other countries and those competing under other languages.

How does the contest work?

The challenge draws thousands of participants in 16 languages from around the world. The contest consists of 10 minutes of text entry using software available on the Intersteno website. It is open to students in public and private schools and for seniors (21 years and over) who register through their Intersteno National Group (NCRA is the National Group for the United States and Canada). The registration cost is $7 for those competing in English and $10 for those competing in multiple languages.

How to register

To register through NCRA, please complete this online form. You will then be taken to a payment screen to complete your transaction. Registration closes on Sunday, March 8.

Intersteno Logo

Rules, regulations, and preparations

Visit and click on the “Internet Contest” button to learn more. Links to the rules for the contest and registration information are on the left-hand side. You can also get into a free training session by clicking on “Training with Taki Version” and then clicking the language of your choice. You will have your choice of 1 or 10 minutes of training.

Each competitor can compare his results with those of other participants of the same age category not only in his native language, but also in as many as 15 foreign languages. Grading in accuracy and speed are done according to internationally agreed standards, based on long experience and intensive investigations. A professional approach in keyboarding is a basic competence useful in any kind of schools and helps to fulfill the growing demand of producing documents with the aid of computers. Moreover this ability, both in mother tongue as well as in foreign languages, will be an important asset for professional life which can easily be certified by the diplomas awarded to successful participants.The goal of this competition is to foster proficiency in the use of the keyboard and to encourage young people in fair and healthy competition with their peers from all over the world. The contest consists of ten-minutes of text entry, using special software available on the website (in Taki and ZAV formats). It is open to students from public or private schools as well as to associations, and to seniors (21 years and over) who register through their Intersteno National Group.

Results are ranked according to the following age categories:

• children: up to 12 years
• pupils: 13 - 16 years
• juniors: 17 - 20 years
• seniors: older than 20 years

Two types of championships:

• Mother tongue: Competitors write in their mother tongue.
• Multilingual competition: Competitors take part in two or more of the 16 available languages on the Taki & Zav software. Only one attempt per each language is allowed.

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Registration Closes Sunday, March 8, 2015.