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NCRA's TechCon 2013

Certified Legal Video Specialist Seminar

Credentialing Track: Certified Legal Video Special

Program Agenda

(0.6 CEU per day)

Friday  Saturday (required)  Sunday Legal Lab Forum

CLVS Seminar Day One - Friday 
Faculty will cover the use video in the legal system , components of a deposition recording system, and video/audio equipment. Not required for experienced videographers. Detailed Agenda.

This required day covers the CLVS Code of Ethics, the CLVS Standards for Video Depositions, as well as applicable Federal Rules of Civil Procedure.  Detailed Agenda.

This day combines with all conference attendees for a multi-angle look at legal video. Attendees may choose from the Hands-On Workshop, Continuing Legal Video Education, New Video Technologies, and Reporter Technology. Detailed Agenda.


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