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Certified Legal Video 
Specialist Seminar

For those pursuing the CLVS certification:


Continuing Education Track - Concurrent Seminars

For Current CLVSs or videographers not pursuing certification:

• Three days (Fri. - Sun.)  $880    One day (Sat. or Sun.) $220
• Intro to Legal Video (Fri.) and mandatory day (Sat.) $660    Two days (Sat. and Sun.) $385
• Mandatory day (Sat.) hands-on workshop (Sun.)* $770      
• Mandatory day Only (Sat.)* $550      
*These options are only available to candidates with professional legal videography experience. 

CLVS Production Skills Test

The CLVS production skills test is only available to candidates who have already completed the seminar at a previous event OR have a pre-approved Experienced Track application. On-site registrations for the production skills test will not be accepted. Please check for more details on both regular exam slots and Experienced Track testing opportunities.