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NCRA Event App

Thank you for attending the 2016 Firm Owners Executive Conference! 

Event hashtag—#FirmOwners16

Note: Please note that the instructions provided below may vary slightly for Android and Apple users.

NCRA event app and event mobile website

The NCRA event app and event mobile website puts event navigation, learning, and social networking at your fingertips for all NCRA events. Receive the most up-to-date seminar and event information, and make the most of your conference experience. Features include:

  • View full agenda and customize your schedule
  • Learn more about sponsors and exhibitors including their booth assignments
  • Interact with other attendees and exhibitors via direct messaging or email
  • Receive alert notifications on important happenings
  • Share your event experience using the app event feed (Twitter posts will appear in the app event feed. Use hashtag #FirmOwners16.)
  • Access general event resources and speaker handouts
  • View speaker bios
Download the app
  • If you received an email from NCRA, follow the detailed instructions in the email. 
  • If you did not receive an email invitation, follow the instructions below:

Use the links below to access the app from the Apple and Google Play stores based on your device (Blackberry users may access the mobile website), OR you can manually search for the app in the Apple or Google play stores by searching for "Natl. Court Reporters Assoc."

Once you have downloaded the app on your Android or Apple device:

  • Enter the access code "FO16" in the "search or enter access code" field
  • Choose the 2016 Firm Owners Executive Conference event
  • Enter your email address then select "continue"
  • Enter your full name and create a password; select "continue"
  • You have successfully created your account and should be greeted with the message "Welcome to NCRA"
  • You may select the link to edit your profile or skip and begin browsing
App features
Your profile

Don't forget to update your profile so that others can find you and easily communicate with you during the event and beyond.

  • Go to the "Your Profile" tab and select the pencil at the top right of  the screen to begin editing. You may add your title, bio, social media links, profile image, and more. Don't forget to save your changes —this may be different for Android and Apple users)
  • NOTE: Remember to set your privacy settings to either allow or disallow your email or mobile number to be made public and to turn direct messages on or off.  
  • View the schedule and sort by specific days using the "filter" button on the top right
  • Customize your schedule to the specific sessions or networking opportunities you wish to attend and view your personalized schedule under the "My Agenda" tab.  This can be done in two ways:
    • Long press an agenda item and then select "Set Attendance"  at the top right of your screen, OR
    • Select an agenda item and select "Attending" or "Not Attending" in the "Attendance" field
 Sponsors & exhibitors
  • View a list of all exhibitors and sponsors 
  • Select an exhibitor/sponsor to view additional information like booth assignments, website address, and event staff
  • Select "notes" to enter any private notes you have about that sponsor or exhibitor

Attention Sponsors and Exhibitors:

If you wish to communicate with attendees via email and have your email address displayed, please remember to turn this on in your privacy settings — under your profile

  • View a list of all attendees including exhibitor personnel and speakers. (Use the filter feature at the top right to sort by each group). 
  • Select any attendee to view their profile. (Note: The attendee's email address, phone number, and direct messaging feature will only display if the other party has turned on these features in their profile.)
  • A chat bubble image on an attendee's profile indicates that they can communicate with other attendees via the direct message feature. (This feature is only available if you and the other attendee have turned on this feature in the profile section.)
  • Tap "notes" to add private notes about an attendee or exhibitor you met. You have the option of sharing your notes via email and other applications on your device.
Event feed and social media
  • Use the hashtag #FirmOwners16 on Twitter to post on the event feed or post in the feed directly.
  • Get important event notifications from NCRA (these will appear in a different color than your direct messages).
  • View direct messages from other attendees (both you and the recipient must have these features turned on in profile settings).
  • Upload images to the event feed (attendees participating in the scavenger hunt on Tuesday may find this feature useful). 
    • Select the chat bubble on the top right of the app or mobile site.
    • Select "Everyone" only if you wish to send your message to all attendees (this is the default).
    • Based on your device, from this screen you may or may not have the option to select an individual to message. If not, you can use the message feature described below.
    • Type your message and/or attach an image by selecting the camera image, then choose "camera" to take a picture with your device or to select an image on your device.
    • Hit "Send."

You may message an attendee by going directly the "messages" tab or by selecting an attendee from the "attendees" tab.

  • Select the chat bubble
  • Type your message where it says "Send message"
  • Select "Send"
  • To upload images - select the camera image  and then:
    • Choose whether you want to take a picture with your device, or select an image stored on your phone.
    • Type a message if you choose to and select "Send"

The recipient will see the messages under their "event feed."


Use this feature to bookmark any exhibitor or attendee for quick reference.

 Live polls

This feature is not enabled for this event.

NOTE: You should occasionally refresh your screen to stay abreast of any recent updates in terms of alerts, etc. If you are experiencing any issues, you may need to log out of the app and log back in to see updates.

Contact information

If you experience any technical issues with the app, please email Showgizmo at

For questions pertaining to the app content or the event, please contact