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2015 NCRA Convention & Expo

Convention Agenda - Saturday, Aug. 1

7 a.m.-6 p.m.
Registration open
7:30-9 a.m.
Concurrent seminars (earn 0.15 CEU for each seminar)

REALTIME TRACK: Court Reporting – Creating a Successful Future – Join Lisa Knight as she teaches you the ins and outs of creating the demand for quality realtime and also creating a vision of the professional life you’ve always wanted and the roadmap to get there.

Presenters: Lisa Knight, RMR, CRR, Realtime Systems Administrator, reports locally, nationally, and internationally commanding the respect of both her peers and her clients.

JUDICIAL TRACK: What Do Attorneys Demand & How to Deal with Demanding Attorneys – This is a presentation and discussion of what attorneys require, wish for, and demand from court reporters and how court reporters should deal with demanding attorneys. The seminar will include a review of the likes and dislikes that attorneys have regarding court reporters with the goal of improving the attorney-court reporter relationship.

Presenter: Todd Allievi, RMR. Todd completed the court reporting program at American Business Academy and has been a freelance court reporter since 1985. He is a Certified Court Reporter, Registered Professional Reporter, and Registered Merit Reporter. Todd earned his Bachelor of Arts degree with honors (summa cum laude) in organizational management/marketing at Felician College. He is a member of Sigma Beta Delta International Honor Society in business, management, and administration. Todd is the founder and operations manager of CCR Seminars.

BUSINESS TRACK: I Have a Video File, but What Should I Give My Client? – What you get from a videographer is not always what you should deliver to a client. Capture more video revenue and reduce video problems by creating the correct files that your client needs. Bruce Balmer will cover what the videographer should deliver, what to request from a videographer, how to understand what the client would like to receive, and how to convert files that you are working with to meet the requests of your clients.

Presenter: Bruce Balmer, CLVS, is vice president of CompuScripts, Inc., a full-service court reporting, closed captioning, and legal video company located in Columbia, S.C. He is certified in integrated resource management with the American Production and Inventory Control Society, a Certified Legal Video Specialist, a Certified Court Video Specialist, and a Certified Multimedia Expert with LiveNote.

VENDOR TRACK: Stenograph – What’s New with Case Catalyst and More! Case CATalyst 16 has outstanding features benefiting all types of court reporters, captioners, CART providers, and scopists. Prepare to cleanly write names, terminology, technical terms, and more in a fraction of the time it takes you now. With six new audio recording choices, CATalyst now helps you find a sweet spot between audio fidelity and file size. You’ll hear the difference with improved audio playback quality, resulting in easier listening while proofing and editing. Attention CART providers! Version 16 has a dedicated CART window viewable on your or the customer's screen. The difference with version 16 is visible. The number of window and dialog themes has increased by 750 percent.

Presenter: Judy Wolf, Stenograph. Judy is the marketing product manager for Stenograph.

8-10 a.m.
Certified Realtime Captioner Workshop, Day 3 (0.2 CEU) (Day 1+2+3 = 1.2 CEUs)

See previous description on Thursday.

8 a.m.-5 p.m.
CLVS Production Exams
8:15 a.m. - 5:45 p.m.
Student Seminar Program, Day 2
  • 8:15–9:45 a.m.: Battling the Testing Heebie-Jeebies Do you suffer from the test day heebie-jeebies? Feel like you fall apart at the mere thought of a speed test? Then you need this seminar! Marybeth Everhart will take a look at causes and cures in this fun-filled seminar. Learn some tips and tricks that will help you battle the heebie-jeebies throughout your reporting career.
    Presenter: Marybeth Everhart, RPR, CRI, CPE, Realtime Coach
  • 10–11:30 a.m.: Panel – What Do I Want to Be When I Grow Up? Students, are you getting excited about your future as a court reporter? Have you begun to wonder in what area you would like to specialize? Official reporter? Freelance reporter? CART provider? Captioner? Then join us for this informative, interactive panel from seasoned reporters who will help you navigate your options.
    Presenters: Doreen Sutton, RPR; Heidi Thomas, RDR, CRR, CBC, FAPR; Roanna Ossege-Martin; Tiva Wood, RDR, CMRS, FAPR; Karyn Menck, RDR, CRR, CBC, CCP
  • 11:45 a.m.–1:45 p.m.: NCRA Awards Luncheon
  • 2–3:45 p.m.: Vendor/Expo Hall time
  • 4:00–5:30: Attend concurrent seminar of your choice
8:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m.
Teachers’ Workshop (earn 0.15 CEU for each module)
  • 8:30–10 a.m.: Module I – Nine Essential Traits for Effective Instruction
    Research of university students identified nine faculty traits the students consider essential for effective teaching for both online and in-class instruction. This presentation will identify and define these nine characteristics and explore how we can better embrace and apply them in a court reporting educational context. Participants will also discuss and share their own practical ideas on how these characteristics can be better implemented in their teaching role to improve instructor effectiveness. This presentation is for all instructors, school administrators, and those interested in court reporting education.
    Presenter: Len Sperling, CRI.
  • 10–11:30 a.m.: Module II – Motivating, Coaching & Mentoring for Student Success
    Teaching court reporting is not just about teaching. It’s also about motivating, coaching, and mentoring your students to learn, grow, and succeed, both in school and in the court reporting profession. In this seminar, teachers will learn motivational and coaching methods and techniques to improve student progress and increase the chances of student success. This presentation is for all instructors, school administrators, and those interested in court reporting education.
    Presenters: Marybeth Everhart, RPR, CRI, CPE; Karen Sole, RPR, CRI, CPE
  • 11:45 a.m.-1:45 p.m.: NCRA Awards Luncheon (ticketed event)
  • 2–3:30 p.m.: Module III – Educating the Non-Stenographer’s World Panel
    Recruiting in today’s environment for court reporting students is not easy. This session will evaluate recruiting methods and/or techniques and their effectiveness in today's market and review the need for ongoing recruitment. Participants will benefit from collaboration of recruiting ideas, education to the general public, and efforts on behalf of the profession. Let’s give voice to interests and concerns about current recruiting standards and discuss collaborative recruiting videos for all schools through NCRA. This presentation is for educators/school owners, administrators, and personnel, as well as court reporters past, present, and future.
    Presenters: Pam Gwin Coder, CRI
  • 4–5:30 p.m.: Module IV – Incorporating CART/Captioning into Speed Classes
    Learners will identify which places in their curriculum meet the most important requirements graduates need to perform CART captioning, referencing the job descriptions of a CCP and CBC, and which requirements are unknown or untaught. Suggestions will be given for creating lessons for each category of the job description. Teachers coming to the workshop are asked to bring copies of their school’s subject catalog, which can serve as springboards for discussion. This presentation is for all instructors, school administrators, and those interested in court reporting education.
    Presenter: Gayl Hardeman, RDR, CRR, CCP, CRI
9-10 a.m.
Coffee break with exhibitors in Expo Hall
9 a.m.-5 p.m.
CLVS Seminar, Day 2 (Day 1+2 = 1.3 CEUs)

This mandatory day will cover the CLVS Code of Ethics, the CLVS Standards for Video Depositions, and applicable Federal Rules of Civil Procedure. Attendees will come away with a comprehensive understanding of the role of video in a deposition environment.

Presenters: Various faculty members of the CLVS Council

9 a.m. - 5 p.m.
Expo Hall open

*Expo Hall ends Saturday at 5 p.m. – No Expo Hall on Sunday.

10-11 a.m.
Certified Realtime Captioner Exam
10-11:30 a.m.
Concurrent seminars (earn 0.15 CEU for each seminar)

REALTIME TRACK: Making an Elevator Speech for Broadcast Captioners/CART Captioners – You go to your high school reunion or see an attorney you worked for in a coffee shop, and when asked, So what are you doing now?, what would you say? Do you tell them a story that is compelling, one that leaves them wanting to know more? What an awesome job we have! Join us in this fun, interactive session with Brenda Brueggemann, director of composition at University of Louisville who will lead us in creating an incredible elevator speech.

Presenter: Brenda Brueggemann, director of composition at the University of Louisville. Brenda is a professor of English and vice-chair, a faculty advisor for the American Sign Language program, and coordinator for the interdisciplinary disability studies program.

JUDICIAL TRACK: Terminate Transcript Turmoil– What if a small change in how you edit could result in better realtime in only two weeks? This means much shorter editing time to crank out a transcript. We’re going to spin you 180 degrees from how you do things now and show you just how much time and energy you are going to save. This is the one seminar you will not want to miss.

Presenter: Anissa Nierenberger, RPR, CRR, CBC, CCP, CRI, began her captioning career in 1992. Within a year after she graduated from court reporting school, she began captioning for TV stations across the U.S. and Canada. Anissa founded Dictionary Jumpstart, Inc., in 2000. Her company’s dictionary-building software has helped hundreds of reporters improve their dictionaries and allowed reporters to ease into different areas of reporting, including captioning and CART.

BUSINESS TRACK: Drones – What’s New – If you use or plan to use drone video images for any litigation use, you will want to keep updated on the latest changes in regulations. The FAA regulations for commercial drone operation are in the formative stages. After a successful first look at the new regulations, Gene Betler will update the group on the most recent rulings on this emerging revenue opportunity. Gene will take the government-speak, put in plain English, and give you tips on how to avoid a crash and burn with the FAA.

Presenter: Gene Betler, CLVS. Upon his retirement from the FAA, Gene put his hobby in videography to work. With his wife, Jo Ann Betler, RDR, CRR, CBC, CCP, CLVS, CPE, they opened Betler’s Reporting and Legal Video Services in Huntington, W.Va.

VENDOR TRACK: The Varallo Group – Grow your firm in 30 minutes a day. Blogs, articles, books, and websites devoted to sales growth have flooded the market leaving firm owners overwhelmed and not sure where to turn. This showcase seminar, directed to firm owners and employees, teaches immediate and manageable steps that will result in the transformative and dynamic growth of your firm.

Presenters: Robert F. Deziel, Jr. Rob is the Executive Director at The Varallo Group. Rob’s career spans 21 years of experience in the court reporting business. He advises agency owners on sales coaching strategies, marketing and recruiting, business valuation and exit strategies. 

11:45 a.m.-1:45 p.m.
Awards Luncheon

Ticketed event

12:00 - 4:00 p.m.
NCRA Legislative Consulting Services
2-3:30 p.m.
Concurrent seminars (earn 0.15 CEU for each seminar)

REALTIME TRACK: CART – The Tech Connection – Join us for an interactive seminar demonstrating current technologies used for displaying CART. Attendees will rotate through various workstations and learn how to hook up and troubleshoot a projector; use Text on Top, 1CapApp, StreamText, and Adobe Connect; and output to tablets, such as iOS or Android devices, as well as other applications used by CART providers. There will be plenty of time for questions and for you to share your experiences as well.

Presenter: Linda S. Hershey, RDR, CRR, CBC, CCP. Linda began court reporting in 1975 in Chattanooga, Tenn. In 1985, she and two other reporters started Volunteer Reporting Service. In 1987, she provided the first CART in the courtroom in the state of Tennessee.

JUDICIAL TRACK: Advocating Official Reporter Value in the Court World – This seminar will include a nuts-and-bolts description of how NCRA's Cost Comparison Study was created and how to best use it to advocate official court reporter value in the court world. Included in this seminar will be a presentation prepared by official court reporters in Kansas, which was successfully presented before juridical and legislative groups in that state.

Presenters: Michele Oken, RPR, CMRS; Mary Kay Howe, RMR; Adam Finkel, Director of Government Relations, NCRA; Karen Teig, RPR, CRR, CMRS; Stephen Zinone, RPR. Michele is an administrator in the Central Civil Division of the Los Angeles Superior Court, responsible for managing multiple unites, including the Records Department, which maintains records for approximagely 100 courtrooms. From 2006–2011, she was assigned as the administrator for interpreter services, responsible for overseeing the assignment and supervision of 400 court interpreters in more than 100 languages in 50 court locations. Mary Kay is an official court reporter for the Douglas County District Court in Lawrence, Kan. Adam joined the NCRA in August 2010 and currently serves as the Director of Government Relations. Karen is currently an official court reporter in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. A reporter since 1975, she has worked as a freelancer with firms and also on her own, as well as providing CART for people who are hard of hearing. Stephen is an official court reporter from Pittsford, N.Y., who started freelancing in 1985, working as a stenographer in the Monroe County Town courts and in the deposition arena. Since 2001, Steve has worked for the New York State Unified Court System in the 7th and 8th Judicial District and is now assigned to the Ontario County Courts.

BUSINESS TRACK: The Reporter and the Videographer Partnership – The partnership between the reporter and the videographer makes an excellent record of deposition testimony, even more than either record on its own. Chris Willette and Maureen Walsh will outline how the videographer can help the court reporter, and what the court reporter can do when the deposition is videotaped. Get insight into what each half of this partnership in preserving the record expects from the first notice to the final delivery to clients and all the interaction between.

Presenters: Maureen Walsh, CLVS, and Chris Willette, RDR, CRR, CCP. Maureen is a Certified Legal Video Specialist and award-winning videographer and producer. She is the owner of Walsh Litigation Services and Waterford Productions, a video production company based in Tallahassee, Fla. Chris is a freelance reporter and the owner of a court reporting firm in central Wisconsin.

VENDOR TRACK: EduCAPTION & Dictionary Jumpstart – No more transcripts – Say yes to CART and captioning! Transcripts … you despise them, and they’re the burnout factor of your passion. The growth for CART providers and captioners will outpace court reporters through 2018. Don’t be left behind. EduCAPTION is your only source for CART and broadcast captioning training online with individual feedback. We’ll start with five things to improve your realtime. Transitioning into a new, exciting career is a matter of taking things one step at a time. Reinvigorate your passion today.

Presenter: Anissa Nierenberger, RPR, CRR, CBC, CCP, CRI, began her captioning career in 1992. Within a year after she graduated from court reporting school, she began captioning for TV stations across the U.S. and Canada. Anissa founded Dictionary Jumpstart, Inc., in 2000. Her company’s dictionary-building software has helped hundreds of reporters improve their dictionaries and allowed reporters to ease into different areas of reporting, including captioning and CART.

4-5:30 p.m.
Concurrent seminars (earn 0.15 CEU for each seminar)

REALTIME TRACK: Advanced Topics in CART – Please join this interactive session addressing problems and solutions in the day-to-day life of a CART provider. You will learn tips to help improve usability and efficiency for on-site CART clients, marketing tips and tricks, remote CART technology troubleshooting, ways to improve realtime accuracy in the face of difficult terminology, and much more!

Presenter: Mirabai Knight, RDR, CRR, CBC, CCP. Mirabai has been a CART captioner since 2007.

JUDICIAL TRACK: Realtime – More Addictive Than Candy Crush – It is time to turn our judges and consumers into realtime-aholics. This session's panel members will help you use the tools of our trade to their fullest potential, increasing court reporter value in the courthouse and deposition suite, and empowering you to maximize opportunities to introduce the life-altering and addictive properties of realtime to the judicial team.

Presenters: Debbie Dibble, RDR, CRR, CBC, CCP; Jo Anne Leger, RPR, CRR; Toni O'Neill, RPR, FAPR; Karen Teig, RPR, CRR, CMRS; Sue Terry, RPR, CRR, FAPR. Debbie, a 24-year veteran in the court and deposition arena, from Woodland, Utah, has worked as a deposition reporter in Salt Lake City since 2002. Debbie has also worked as a reporter in Memphis, Tenn., and as captioner and CART provider since 2010. Jo Anne, a 26-year veteran court reporter from Cleveland, Texas, is an official court reporter who has been assigned to the 253rd District Court for Liberty and Chambers counties since 1999. She is recognized as the first reporter to provide realtime reporting with that court. Toni is a 20-year official court reporter for the Riverside Superior Court, and she currently holds the position of supervising court reporter. Toni is one of the first official court reporters in the state of California to provide realtime services for use by judges and attorneys during courtroom proceedings and has maintained an interest in the integration of court reporter technology into the judicial setting. Karen is currently an official court reporter in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. A reporter since 1975, she has worked as a freelancer with firms and also on her own, as well as providing CART to people who are hard of hearing. Sue is a court reporter from Springfield, Ohio. Sue has been a court reporter since 1975.

BUSINESS TRACK: Protecting Our Profession – Tools to Protect and Expand Court Reporting Interests Nationwide – With the court reporting and captioning professions facing new challenges in the coming decade, court reporters and captioners are fighting back with new techniques to protect and expand the role within the judicial, legal, and captioning fields. Hear from leaders from the National Committee of State Associations, state affiliate associations, and NCRA’s government relations department as to what specific tactics have proved successful to court reporters and captioners across the country. This interactive session will give you the tools to ensure that stenographic court reporters remain a critical component of the legal and judicial system with broadcast and CART captioning helping the profession to remain vibrant throughout the 21st century.

Presenters: NCSA (National Committee of State Associations) Presentation by Kristin Anderson, RPR; Linda McSwain, RPR; Adam Finkel, Director of NCRA’s Government Relations

VENDOR TRACK: Magnum Steno – Learn how RHPEs can make you a better reporter. Mark Kislingbury will share with court reporters how he uses something called RHPEs in his writing, which make small-word phrases come to life and rehabilitate and rejuvenate his writing. Mark will demonstrate how these can revolutionize your writing to give you more speed, accuracy, and joy in writing.

Presenter: Mark Kislingbury, RDR, CRR. Mark holds the Guinness World Record for “fastest court reporter” with a staggering 360 words per minute recorded. In the last 11 years, Mark has been a NCRA speed contest champion.

7:30-11:30 p.m.
President's Party

Ticketed event