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Meetings & Events

2016 Convention & Expo Agenda - Friday, August 5

Agenda - Friday

Daily Agenda

6:30 a.m.–6 p.m.

Registration open

Location: Stevens Salon A, lower level

7:15–8:45 a.m.

Concurrent seminars (CEU: 0.15 for each seminar)

Gadgets and gizmos

Location: Williford A, 3rd floor

Presenter: Rick Greenspan, FAPR, RMR, CRR

What’s shiny, new, fun to play with … and has stripes? Give up? Just kidding about the stripes! Any idea now? Gadgets! Join Rick Greenspan as he shows us what 2016 brings us for new and exciting gadgets inside and outside the world of court reporting.

Disability awareness

Location: Williford B, 3rd floor

Presenter: Robin Jones, Director, Great Lakes ADA Center

More than one out of every five individuals has a disability in the United States. As the baby-boomer population ages, the prevalence of disability will increase. People with disabilities are entitled to the same courtesies you would extend to anyone. Yet, many of us have not had personal experience with disability and/or have not been exposed to a wide variety of types of disabilities and, thus, feel awkward or inadequately prepared to interact or respond appropriately. This session will review common disabilities and discuss courtesies and responses that are applicable in everyday interactions. Individuals will have an opportunity to dialogue about personal experiences and discuss specific situations with the presenter.

Computer 101: Organization and paper-free

Location: Williford C, 3rd floor

Presenters: Kim Neeson, RPR, CRR, CRC, and Christine Phipps, RPR

Overwhelmed with paper on your desk? Do many typical programs on your laptop look like your desk is used to a bit of a mess? Kim Neeson and Christine Phipps, two of NCRA’s techno-lovers, will share their best practices that they use in their daily lives to help you be more time efficient, organized, and environmentally friendly. You will learn about software, apps, and gadgets out there, as well as techniques in their use. Topics include: using Outlook or Google calendars for business and personal schedules; document management (and why we love PDFs); email organization; simple accounting programs; and tools of convenience.

Legal video — Advanced video signal

Location: Joliet, 3rd floor

Presenter: Bruce Balmer, CIRM, CLVS, CCVS

A better grasp of the video signal will help you understand which codecs to use, how to set up encoding jobs properly, and how to properly understand what manufacturers are telling you in their specifications for equipment. This is an advanced class and is meant for those who have basic experience in video but want a deeper understanding of the video signal.

Vendor Showcase Seminar — Thomson Reuters — Practicing in the digital age: How to evolve with your attorneys

Location: Marquette, 3rd floor

Presenters: Alex Borchert, Esq., and Jon Janes, Esq.

In a recent ALM survey, 97 percent of attorneys believed electronic case management can mitigate the risk of missing critical details. Attorneys today are under constant pressure to produce an accurate, efficient work product with the expectation of providing exceptional client service. Attendees will learn how transcript workflow technology benefits both you and your clients by relieving pressures and producing secure, flexible transcripts efficiently.

8–9 a.m.

Coffee break with exhibitors

Location: Stevens Salon A, lower level


8 a.m.–11:15 a.m.

Certified Realtime Captioner (CRC) Workshop, Day 2

Location: Boulevard C, 2nd floor

See description on Thursday, Day 1.

 8 a.m.–5 p.m.

Expo Hall open

Location: Stevens Salon A, lower level

8 a.m.–5 p.m.

Certified Legal Video Specialist (CLVS) Production Exams

Location: Lake Ontario, 8th floor

8 a.m.–5:45 p.m.

Student Seminar Program, Day 1

 8:30–11:30 a.m.

Realtime Systems Administrator Workshop, Day 2

Location: Astoria, 3rd floor

See description on Thursday, Day 1.

8:30 a.m.–5 p.m.

Certified Legal Video Specialist (CLVS) Seminar, Day 1

CEUs: Day 1+2+3 = 1.3

Location: Lake Erie, 8th floor

Presenters: Various faculty members of the CLVS Council

Day one of the CLVS Seminar provides attendees with a general overview of what it means to be a legal videographer. Faculty will cover the use of video in the legal system, components of a deposition recording system, and video and audio equipment. Experienced legal videographers are not required to attend this session.

9–11 a.m.

Premier Session: Keynote Presentation and Installation of Officers

Ticketed event

CEU: 0.1

Location: Grand Ballroom, 2nd floor

NCRA will install the 2016-17 President, Officers, and Board of Directors.


Humor helps us thrive on change

Presenter: John Wagner

This Seriously Funny program will help you break through your comfort zone. You will learn to lighten up, manage the stress of change, positively engage with the people who matter in your life, and enhance happiness. You will laugh as you improve your attitudes and actions. You will be entertained, energized, and empowered.

Key learning objectives

  • Learn about your comfort zone and the two powerful behaviors you can use to break through it.
  • Learn to lighten up and use positive humor to manage the stress associated with change.
  • Learn how to receive happiness through the act of giving.

John Wagner’s nickname is Wags. The literal definition of a wag is a humorous and witty person. What’s in a name? Well ... he has been called the Energizer Funny! Wags has made humor his business, his Seriously Funny business. A humorist and motivational speaker, Wags has helped thousands across the USA laugh and learn to use positive humor to break through their comfort zone and thrive on change. His client list includes P&G, Mercy Health, Sara Lee, IBM, the IRS (what?), Honda, Toyota, Fidelity, and numerous colleges, schools, and associations. He has real-world experience using the management and therapeutic value of humor as a licensed clinical counselor, college faculty member, and former college dean. John “Wags” Wagner is Seriously Funny, and he provides FUN- damentals for our success.

 11:30 a.m.–1 p.m.

Concurrent seminars  (CEU: 0.15 for each seminar)


Corrinne Clark Professionalism Institute: Business 101 for court reporters

Location: Williford A, 3rd floor

Presenters: Nancy Hopp, RDR, CRR, CMRS; Bill DeVries, RDR, CRR; Rhonda Jensen, RDR, CRR; Bridget Stone

Whether you’re new to court reporting, starting your own firm, or moving from the courtroom to the freelance world, you need to manage your career as a businessperson. You learned how to write fast in reporting school, but how do you learn about the actual business of court reporting? What are the best ways to market yourself? Which business records should you keep? How do you go about choosing an office location? What other factors do you need to consider? Get real-world advice from our panel of successful reporters, firm owners, and managers who will share their hard-won insights and guidance on building a successful freelance career for yourself.

Compassion, fatigue, and job stress

Location: Williford B, 3rd floor

Presenter: April Kopp, LCSW, MFA

Professionals may not be fully prepared for the psychological, physical, spiritual, and emotional impact of the work of court reporting. Historically, attention to vicarious trauma and compassion fatigue has been relegated to a study module, a one-time discussion, an assigned reading, or supervision, rather than being an integrated component of professionals’ daily lives. This workshop will provide an opportunity to explore the benefits of developing a common language around vicarious traumatization as well as explicitly integrating ongoing discussions around compassion fatigue, vicarious traumatization, and self-care into the fabric of the court reporting profession. We will explore how creative expression and mindfulness can support self-compassion, reflection, and self-care.

Your cloud-based office

Location: Williford C, 3rd floor

Presenters: Nancy Bistany, RPR, and Kim Neeson, RPR, CRR, CRC

This session will take you on a walk through the clouds with different options available for cloud storage, data recovery, and backup services as well as whether cloud storage is the right option for you. Nancy Bistany and Kim Neeson give you their insights and experience – both good and bad – about the cloud, including how they are currently leveraging it in their own reporting practice from a business perspective.

Legal video — TMPGEnc Video Mastering Works 6

Location: Joliet, 3rd floor

Presenter: Bruce Balmer, CIRM, CLVS, CCVS

Bruce Balmer will walk through how to set up and use TMPGEnc Video Mastering Works for encoding legal video deliverables, including MPED-1, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, and authored DVDs. Creating MPEG-4s for the iPad, cropping HD for DVD delivery, and creating video suitable for syncing will also be discussed. You will have the tools necessary to transform DVDs, video captured on cards, and even tape-based video into a finished product when you complete this course.

Vendor Showcase Seminar — Realtime Coach — Up your game with Realtime Coach

Location: Marquette, 3rd floor

Presenter: Marybeth Everhart, RPR, CRI, CPE

You attend conventions to learn more about your software, network, and refine your professional skills. The key to improving those skills is with the best skill-building tool on the planet, MyRealtimeCoach™. Thousands use it daily to prepare for certifications, build speed, and improve accuracy. The instant feedback highlights your areas of weakness. Personalized practice solutions solve nagging issues. You can even use your own material. Come see this and much, much more!

11:30 a.m.–5:45 p.m.

Punctuation Workshop Ticketed event

CEU: 0.45

Location: Continental A, lobby level

Presenter: Margie Wakeman Wells, CRI

Do I use quote marks there? Do I go ahead and put in the bad punctuation from the original? Does the question mark go inside or outside the quotes? What if I don’t have the document the client is supposedly reading from? Are quotes better than hyphens? Come and let’s settle some of these issues once and for all. We will cover the mundane and the bizarre about using quotes. Then we will take a look at hyphens and apostrophes – so small and yet so many issues. Join us for our traditional punctuation workshop – the most fun you can have at the NCRA convention!

12–2 p.m.

School Owners and Administrators Luncheon and Roundtable

By invitation only

Location: Boulevard A, 2nd floor

1–2:30 p.m.

NCRF Angels Luncheon

By invitation only

Location: Normandie Lounge, 2nd floor

1–2:30 p.m. Lunch on your own
1:30–5:30 p.m.

Realtime Systems Administrator Exam

Location: PDR 3, 3rd floor

2:30–4 p.m.

Concurrent seminars (CEU: 0.15 for each seminar)


The secret business of court reporting

Location: Williford A, 3rd floor

Presenter: Debbie Bridges Duffy, RPR

Relationships, desirability factor, etc. – this session will enlighten court reporters on their effectiveness of growing or destroying their own reputation as well as the firm’s.

Terminate transcript turmoil

Location: Williford B, 3rd floor

Presenter: Anissa Nierenberger, RPR, CRR, CRC, CRI

Small changes = big results, especially if you see the same mistakes every time you edit a transcript. Stop wasting time and crank up your realtime. Ninety-nine percent of reporters edit incorrectly. Change this habit today, and see results tomorrow.

Working from a home office: The good, the bad, and having a life

Location: Williford C, 3rd floor

Presenter: Lisa Richardson, RPR, CRR, CRC

In this interactive seminar, a diverse panel of people providing CART captioning and captioning services will share their experiences in working from a home office. Among the topics for discussion will be tracking schedules, balancing work and personal time, dealing with technology/IT issues, and gauging when, how, and if to say no. Audience participation will be welcome.

Legal video — Multi-input depositions now in HD

Location: Joliet, 3rd floor

Presenters: Joe Cerda, CLVS, and Mike Tisa, CLVS

If you are currently shooting or planning on shooting depositions in HD, this seminar will provide valuable information on aspect rations and video formats. CLVS Council member Joe Cerda will provide his real-world HD deposition experience and best practices for shooting HD in a deposition.

Vendor Showcase Seminar — Stenovations — New tools for enhanced speed and accuracy

Location: Marquette, 3rd floor

Presenters: Johnny Jackson and Mark Kislingbury, FAPR, RDR, CRR

This session will include a description and demonstration of the new Zenith and Edge of Tomorrow keyboards and complementary software. Sensors under cracks and creative design facilitate increased speed, comfort, and unparalleled accuracy. 

4:15–5:45 p.m.

Concurrent Seminars  (CEU: 0.15 for each seminar)

  90 apps in 90 minutes

Location: Williford A, 3rd floor

Presenters: Sara Wood, CAE, and Christine Phipps, RPR

In this fast-paced, high-energy session, learn about the latest and best apps that can help you improve your productivity, organize your day, and provide you with the necessary tools to be a rock star in the field. Including everything from reference apps to just plain stress-relieving fun, this session will give you resources you can start using right away.

Beyond the captions: Captioner roundtable

Location: Williford B, 3rd floor

Presenters: Merilee Johnson, RMR, CRR, CRC; Bill Graham; and Deanna Baker, FAPR, RMR

Capturing a speaker’s words and having them displayed in realtime is what CART captioners do. But is that all there is to it? What about ambient sounds and noises, such as laughter, coughing, or emergency sirens screaming outside? And how do we convey the nuance of words, which can be as important as the words themselves? As CART captioners, we run into unique situations almost every day that require quick thinking and ingenuity. Join this interactive seminar as we go beyond the captionsbeyond the words, and learn how to best capture and describe the full experience of the event for consumers who are deaf and hard of hearing.

*Social media gone wrong

(To submit proof of credit to the Texas Judicial Branch Certification Commission, please email to request a letter.)

Location: Williford C, 3rd floor

Presenter: Rosalie Kramm, RPR, CRR

Have you ever wondered if there are any repercussions to posting disappointment about a job, frustration with a witness, or criticism of a law firm receptionist? Who is watching? Are there notes being written about individuals as to whether to ever offer that individual future work because of a Facebook posting? As a firm owner, are you aware of what your social media is saying about you and your brand? Who is tweeting for you? Using social media can be a powerful tool to get work, but it can also cause harm to your future. Come hear a panel of reporters from the USA and Canada speak to the pitfalls as a professional on social media. 

Legal video — Navigating the relationship between the independent videographer and the reporting company

Location: Joliet, 3rd floor

Presenters: Jason Levin, CLVS, and Debbie Bridges Duffy, RPR

Please join this interactive panel to learn more about the beneficial relationship between the videographerand a court reporting firm owner. Understand what firms expect from their subcontractors, how to get considered, what they look for, and what they expect for delivery.

Windows 10: Tips and tricks

Location: Marquette, 3rd floor

Presenter: Pam Szczecinski

Does upgrading to a new operating system concern you? Not sure where to begin? In this seminar, Pam Szczecinski will guide you through the advantages and downsides of upgrading to Windows 10. 

 6–7 p.m.

CART and Captioning Reception

Ticketed event

Location: PDR 4, 3rd floor

 6–7 p.m.

Legal Videographer Reception

Ticketed event

Location: Boulevard A, 2nd floor


*To submit proof of credit to the Texas Judicial Branch Certification Commission, please email to request a letter. Two sessions of the Convention were not approved by the Texas JBCC, and therefore will not be included in this letter. They are:

  • Social Media Gone Wrong – Friday, August 5, 4:15 pm – 5:45 pm
  • A Week in the Life of an Intersteno Participant - Saturday, August 6, 7:30 am to 9:00 am


Please note that all sessions and/or times are tentative and subject to change.


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