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NCRA Meetings & Events
Saturday, November 5

CLVS Production Exam
11/5 - 11/6
Category: CLVS Production Exam
The production test is administered three times a year: early spring, late summer and early winter (depending on interest). Please contact NCRA by calling 800-272-NCRA (6272) for more information, or contact the CLVS Staff.

Saturday, November 12

2016 NCRA Board of Directors Meeting
11/12 - 11/13
Category: Board Meetings
If you are interested in attending an NCRA Board Meeting, as a courtesy, please send an email to the President at

Sunday, February 12

2017 NCRA Firm Owners Executive Conference
2/12 - 2/14
Category: Firm Owners

Thursday, August 10

NCRA 2017 Annual Convention & Expo
8/10 - 8/13
Category: Annual Convention & Exposition

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