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The Foundation

Veterans History Project

  The National Court Reporters Foundation (NCRF)  and the National Court Reporters Association (NCRA) have partnered with the United States Library of Congress Veterans History Project in an effort to protect and preserve the rich and extensive history of American wartime veterans. Through a project sponsored by the Library of Congress, men and women who have served the United States in a time of war have recorded their amazing personal histories of their military experiences. Click here to learn more about the Veterans History Project and to request a veteran's interview to transcribe...

PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT CREDITS (PDCs) FOR REPORTERS OR COMPLIMENTARY NCRA STUDENT MEMBERSHIP AVAILABLE FOR HISTORY TRANSCRIPTION. The National Court Reporters Foundation thanks all the court reporters and students who have participated in the Veterans History Project since its inception.   By August of 2015, almost 3,800 transcriptions have been returned to the Library of Congress (and other program partners), but there are many more stories to transcribe, and we need your help. As a court reporter, you can earn free PDCs, and as a student you can earn a free NCRA Student Membership, while honoring our nation's veterans and participating in a project of historical significance. 

"1,000 Voices Initiative" The Library of Congress is seeking to capture the experiences that formed our nation from those individuals that lived them.  Upwards of 1,000 veterans are passing away every day - each one a unique story - lost forever.  If you have a relative, friend, or neighbor who is a veteran, help preserve their story by joining the group of volunteers who are participating in a ongoing program called the "1,000 Voices Initiative".  Participating is easy.  Record a veteran's story, transcribe it and send the recorded story, transcribed interview, CD, and forms to NCRF. AND you can earn free PDCs! Making history permanent - one voice at a time. For more information on the VHP including sign-up forms, transcript formatting guidelines and detailed requirements, click on this link to get started transcribing history today!  

Updated 8/25/2015