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Officialship - California

U.S. District Court of Southern California Seeks Part-Time Official Court Reporter

San Diego, California

The U.S. District Court, Southern District of California (San Diego) is currently recruiting for a Part-Time Official Court Reporter. The incumbent will be responsible for the following:

•Recording verbatim all proceedings.
•Reading back all or any portion of the court records
•Producing transcripts with strict time limitations

Must have at least 4 years prime court reporting experience.
Qualified candidates must submit a cover letter with resume that includes their name, address, telephone number, country of citizenship, education, work and salary history, copies of certifications, and three references that may be contacted. All application materials should be sent to:

John Morrill, Clerk of Court
Attn: HR #17-16
333 West Broadway, Ste. 420
San Diego, CA 92101

or e-mailed to: (PDF format preferred)

To see specific position and application requirements, as well as salary information, visit for full vacancy announcement.

Closing date for this position is June 19, 2017.