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Officialship - Wyoming - Gillette

Sixth Judicial District in Gillette Seeks Full-time Reporter


The Sixth Judicial District Court, located in Gillette, Wyoming, is seeking a certified shorthand reporter who is proficient in computer-aided transcription and is realtime capable.  Official court reporters must be competent in the making, preserving, and transcribing of verbatim records of trials and other proceedings.  Other duties may be assigned by the Judge.

This is a full-time position in the district with occasional travel.  Reporter is responsible for their own writers, computers, printer and software; however, the State of Wyoming will provide other supplies. 

Position Location:  The Sixth Judicial District Court, Gillette, Wyoming

Salary:  Base of $57,706 plus $3.25 per 0 & 1 and $1.25 per copy for transcripts of criminal hearings and civil matters upon request of litigants.  Possible salary increase with realtime certification.  This is an at-will position.

Benefits:  Competitive package including Holidays, Dental, Vision, Life Insurance, Retirement Plan.  Vacation and sick days approved of by the District Judge.

Closing Date:  Open until filled

Start Date:  January 2015

Submit application, resume and copy or proof of RPR to: 

The Honorable Michael N. Deegan
500 S. Gillette Ave., Suite 2400
Gillette, Wyoming 82716