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Officialship - North Carolina

Seeking to Fill Several Positions in North Carolina Courts

North Carolina

The North Carolina Administrative Office of the Courts is seeking qualified applicants for the positions of:

Resident Official Court Reporter, District 26, Charlotte, Mecklenburg County (two positions)


Salary Range: $38,840 - $72,907
Hiring Salary Range: $38,840 - $69,500 based on certification/experience level

Roving Official Court Reporter, Division III, Raleigh, Wake County


Roving Official Court Reporter, Division IV, Carthage, Moore County

Salary Range: $42,543 - $80,196
Hiring Range: $42,543 - $76,451 based on certification/experience level

Description of Work:

This staff person will: record proceedings in court trials, hearings, and conferences using stenotype; accurately transcribe the record of court proceedings and delivery certified transcripts in a timely fashion pursuant to applicable rules; read aloud, as circumstances require, statements made by participants during court proceedings; ensure that evidence has been properly introduced and marked as an exhibit; take dictation of orders and findings of fact and type them for a judge's signature; maintain files, notes, tapes, and records to facilitate later reference and use; respond to inquiries from court personnel, attorneys, citizens, and prisoners; and complete activity reporters and travel reimbursement forms and submit them to the Administrative Office of the Courts in a timely fashion. Though supervised on a daily basis by the presiding judge, this person will report to their respective hiring authority and will be subject to assignment in various judicial districts as court coverage dictate. Transcripts are paid in addition to base salary.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities:

Knowledge of English grammar, punctuation, and spelling; court rules, regulations, procedures, and operations; legal and various specialized terminology; transcript format and style. Ability to take dictation accurately for extended periods of time at the speed sufficient to have attained certification by a national court reporting association, type a volume of material over a sustained time within deadlines; maintain confidentiality and to represent the Court in a manner consistent with its decorum. Skill in transcribing notes accurately.

Training and Experience Requirements:

Graduation from high school and completion of a court reporting program either approved by the National Court Reporters Association or endorsed by the National Verbatim Reporters Association or equivalent experience. Must possess a current minimum certification from the National Court Reporters Association as a Registered Professional Reporter (RPR) or the National Verbatim Reporters Association as a Certified Verbatim Reporter (CVR).

Positions will remain open until filled. To apply or for further information or contact:

David E. Jester, CVR
Court Reporting Manager
N.C. Administrative Office of the Courts
Post Office Box 2448
Raleigh, NC 27602
O 919-831-5972
C 919-623-9248
F 919-831-5735