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Officialship - First Judicial District - Minnesota

First Judicial District Seeks Steno Court Reporter


The First Judicial District seeks an Official Stenographic for the Honorable Arlene M. Perkkio. This position is responsible for the verbatim recording of testimony from judicial proceedings, hearings, and conferences in compliance with all applicable statutes and court rules or as directed by the appointing authority.

The First Judicial District operates on a daily calendar system, providing employees the opportunity to report many different types of court proceedings throughout the First Judicial District. The First District consists of seven southern metro counties including Carver, Dakota, Goodhue, Le Sueur, McLeod, Scott, and Sibley. Judge Perkkio is chambered in Dakota County (Apple Valley), however can be assigned throughout the district. The reporter will be a member of the judge's staff "team" and will also have the opportunity to work with other judges throughout the district.


Posted for internal and external application simultaneously. Only internal, permanent Teamsters Court Reporter employees are eligible for internal consideration.

Position will close on Monday, August 11, 2014, at 8 a.m.

. Hiring to the mid-point based on qualifications; full State of Minnesota benefit package. Reimbursable district-wide travel is required.

This is highly responsible technical work. The primary function of the court reporter is to capture a verbatim record of court proceedings and to prepare and distribute transcripts in accordance with rules of court, opinions, state statutes, legal guidelines, and policies. The court reporter serves as the judicial officer's confidential assistant and exercises considerable independent judgment in all aspects of job performance. Work is reviewed and evaluated by the judicial officer.

Example of Duties:

(Any one position may not include all the duties listed, nor do the examples cover all the duties that may be performed.)

• Solely responsible to capture and preserve a verbatim record of court proceedings, which may include computer-aided transcription proficiency or electronic recording equipment. [JS1] 
• Maintains complete records of all verbal and nonverbal incidents related to the proceedings, including but not limited to identifying participants by name, marking and identifying exhibits, noting any "off the record" discussions allowed, objections, bench or side-bar conferences, motions and rulings, and types of testimony.
• Maintains a high level of concentration and attentiveness throughout all court proceedings, regardless of disruptions and other unpredictable and adverse conditions.
• Reads back testimony if requested to do so, upon which subsequent testimony, objections and rulings are based.
• Utilizes transcribers, [JS2] computer equipment and software applications for preparation of transcripts and court orders; develops, edits, regularly updates and maintains computer-aided transcription dictionaries.
• Maintains accurate and complete files and records, including log notes, stenographic notes, recordings, computer disks, [JS3] exhibit lists, witness lists, court calendars, and other materials for archiving.
• Subject to and must be aware of changes in Minnesota Statutes, Rules of Court, District Court policy, Minnesota Official Court Reporter Procedure Manual, Code of Ethics, Standards of Professional Practice, and National Court Reporters Association (NCRA) Code of Professional Conduct, all of which include rules and policies for mandatory transcription, time constraints, necessary documentation, forms, and fees.
• Transcribes, proofreads, certifies and distributes official transcripts and related reports and documents upon request by transcribing court proceedings.
• Serves as confidential assistant to the judicial officer pursuant to Supreme Court Order dated December 3, 1981 (Paragraph II) which incorporates Minnesota Statute 486.01; performs any other court-related and confidential duties as directed by the judicial officer, including but not limited to: preparing orders; providing authorized information to inquiries from the media, public, parties to a case, etc.; responding to inquiries from other court system agencies regarding terms of court orders; maintaining office filing system and correspondence files; coordinating and scheduling meetings and speaking engagements.
• May use law library and Minnesota Court Information System (MNCIS) to research and retrieve information; may provide general assistance with acquisition, classification and cataloguing of library materials.

Minimum qualifications:
• High School diploma or equivalent
• Graduate of a court reporting school approved by the National Court Reporter Association (NCRA) and the Minnesota Supreme Court and Registered Professional Reporter (RPR) designation from the NCRA or compliance with the Minnesota Supreme Court Order 81-876
• Real-Time certification preferred


Please apply for this position online at

*In addition to completing the online application, please upload and attach a cover letter and resume.

If you have questions about this position, please contact us at

 [JS1]I know it has “electronic recording equipment” in here, but it’s deep enough that people who read this far should know what is going on.

 [JS2]This is ok. Some court reporters do use transcribers.

 [JS3]This is ok, too. Some steno reporters record all proceedings. Computer disks can be anything to anyone.