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Officialship - Pima County - Fulltime

Pima County Juvenile Court Center Seeks Official Reporter


Job Announcement
Arizona Superior Court in Pima County

Court Reporter
Arizona Superior Court in Pima County or Pima County Juvenile Court Center

Full-time Hiring Range:  $46,215 to $53,147 annually, depending on experience, plus generous benefits and transcripts.   

Per diem: $250.00 per day + transcripts, without benefits.  


The Court will pay the Arizona Certification Renewal Fee every two years during term of employment.                             

DESCRIPTION:   Performs on a professional level the recording and transcribing of court and legal proceedings to document and produce verbatim records of verbal and nonverbal activities.   


  • Produces a verbatim record of all proceedings using a manual shorthand system or specialized equipment.
  • Reads back any previously recorded spoken testimony during court proceedings to judges, counsel, witnesses and jurors, and to jurors during deliberatin when requested.
  • Prepares verbatim transcripts in typewritten form from stenographic notes to be delivered in required time periods.
  • Produces transcripts which involve typing or scoping, proofreading, collating, binding, delivering and billing to appropriate parties.
  • Transcribes excerpts of testimony when required to provide verification of portions of testimony or argument.
  • Signs all transcripts as a certified court reporter.
  • Performs related duties and projects as assigned. 

MINIMUM REQUIREMENTS:  A High School diploma or equivalent G.E.D. certificate and two years of professional experience recording and/or transcribing verbatim court or legal proceedings.  OR any equivalent combination of experience, training and/or education approved by Human Resources. 

LICENSES AND CERTIFICATES:  Registered professional court reporter; must be certified by the Arizona Supreme Court pursuant to ARS 32-4021. Court Reporter certification must be maintained as a condition of employment.  For more information on the certification process, call (602) 452-3878 or e-mail or visit    

OTHER CERTIFICATION:  A salary supplement will be provided for the attainment of the NCRA designations of Certified Real-time Reporter (CRR), Registered Merit Reporter (RMR), or Registered Diplomate Reporter (RDR). 

COMPENSATION AND BENEFITS:  The Court offers a competitive compensation and benefits package to include medical, dental, life insurance, flexible spending accounts, retirement and deferred compensation plans, paid vacation (23 days per calendar year) and sick leave (10  days per year), 10 paid holidays, as well as other benefits.     

HOW TO APPLY: Open continuously. Please upload your resume and cover letter after filling out the Employment Application.  The Court now has an on-line application process.  Please apply at the Court’s website ( or ).    For assistance, please call (520) 724-4217 or (520) 724-5019; TDY (520) 724-8887.  

The Court is an Equal Opportunity Employer