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Officialship - Delaware - Realtime Reporter

Delaware Chancery Court is recruiting for a Real-Time Court Reporter.


Court Reporter -- Real Time

Chancery Court of the State of Delaware 

$63,357/year plus transcript income to include high volume and daily copy trials. Delaware Chancery Court is recruiting for a Real-Time Court Reporter.  Must have graduated from a court reporting school or a university or college having a court reporting curriculum; experience as a stenographic reporter reporting and transcribing verbatim proceedings of judicial or quasi-judicial hearings, conferences, and meetings in a court system; must be real-time capable upon date of hire.  Qualified candidates must submit to an in-house real-time test. Mandatory requirements include RMR certification and CRR licensing from the NCRA and possession of a CAT real-time capable system. Selective requirement: Eclipse CAT software system.  Position is exempt from the State of Delaware Merit Rules. Visit to review full job posting (#AOC0703N14), minimum qualifications, and instructions on submitting a formal application as soon as possible.  Job announcement will close when position is filled.  EOE/AA.