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Officialship - Maryland - Wicomico County

Wicomico County Circuit Court Seeks Court Reporter


Circuit Court for Wicomico County is Seeking a Court Reporter.  County Grade 19 ($36,261 – 59,377).  Duties: This excepted appointment position serves at the pleasure of the County Administrative Judge and will provide  court reporting and transcription services, including taking verbatim records of court proceedings utilizing computer-aided transcription (CAT) and/or simultaneous video display transcription (realtime); timely preparation and certification of transcripts as requested in conformity with court standards, and performing other administrative duties as needed.   Position will cover a variety of criminal, civil and juvenile cases.  Reporter will be assigned primarily to one judge but will be required to provide coverage to all courts as determined by the Sr. Court Reporter. Qualification requirements:  High school diploma, completion of a formal court reporting program.  RPR certification preferred. Closing Date: Open until filled. Apply: Send resume, application, and list of References to: Human Resources Dept., P.O. Box 870, Salisbury, MD, 21803-0870. Phone: 410-334-3105   Fax: 410-334-3111 Website:  Email: Or to: Circuit Court for Wicomico County, Attn: Wendy Riley, P.O. Box 806, Salisbury, MD, 21803-0870.