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Official Court Reporter

Official Court Reporter Nemaha County – Auburn, NE


The Hon. Daniel E. Bryan, Jr. is accepting applications for the position of official court reporter. Official court reporters must be competent in the making, preserving, transcribing and delivery of a verbatim record of trial and other proceedings through the use of either pen or machine shorthand. Other duties may be assigned by the appointing judge.  

Competence must be demonstrated by meeting the testing requirements as set out in the Nebraska Supreme Court Rules regarding Court Reporting Personnel (equivalent of an RPR and most CSRs for shorthand court reporters).  

The starting date for this position is immediately. Salary for this position is based on experience after meeting the testing requirements. Job is open until filled.  Send all applications to:

Hon. Daniel E. Bryan, Jr.
Judge of the Nemaha District Court
1824 N Street
Auburn, NE, 68305 

Direct general inquiries regarding working as a reporter in Nebraska to Sondra W. Petersen, CCR, RMR, CRR, Placement Chairperson for the Nebraska Court Reporters Association (NeCRA), Telephone: (402) 440-5927, Email: