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Education & Careers

Career Day Information

Career day presentations are an excellent way to expose students to the challenges and rewards of careers in court reporting, captioning, and CART. Below are links to a variety of materials and resources that you can use as-is or adapt to your needs.

As you share your profession with potential future reporters, remember that results usually are not instantaneous. Many reporters enter the field as a second career, and they often mention that the seed for their interest was first planted at a career day presentation years before.


Reporters who have made career day presentations and reporting students both say that a realtime demonstration attracts the most interest and attention.

Most important – have fun! Your nonverbal cues – how you carry yourself, your facial expressions, energy level, etc. – will make more of an impression than anything you say. 

Career Day Materials

Career resources handout – To copy as a handout and as a source for your own comments

Careers in Court Reporting and Captioning – low-resolution and high-resolution versions of a career brochure that you can reproduce

Occupational Outlook Handbook – Link to the Department of Labor’s writeup about court reporting. This can be downloaded and reproduced.

Generic PowerPoint presentation – An outline presentation that you can adapt as desired

Generic advertisement/poster template – Create your own advertisements, or use these templates

Stock photos – To dress up materials that you prepare

Steno keyboard -- jpg file of a steno keyboard with keys labeled

NCRA Flicker Photos -- Professionally shot photos of court reporters and court reporting equipment for your general use in marketing literature and on websites.