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Virtual Mentor Program

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Welcome to the Virtual Mentor Program. NCRA is committed to excellence both in the court reporting and captioning professions and in the next generation of court reporters. To this end, we offer the Virtual Mentor Program as a way for today's court reporters to have a positive impact on students in the field.  Mentoring is a way for professionals to offer students the guidance and encouragement they need to navigate the challenges they face in court reporting programs and beyond.

What is Virtual Mentoring?

Career coaching. Skills support. Professional advice. The Virtual Mentor Program brings together mentors and mentees who might not otherwise be able to meet in person. Participants communicate via phone, email, Skype or, if desired, face-to face.

Virtual Mentor Program Handbook

Learn all about NCRA's Virtual Mentor Program in the newly launched handbook for mentors and mentees.  Discover the benefits and the challenges of mentoring.
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Ready to sign up?

Register to be a Mentor or a Mentee or email your questions to the Mentoring Program Manager at