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Distance Learning Sharing Network

NCRA's Newest Resource for State Affiliates Abstract image of globe in hand

If your state court reporters association is looking to provide distance learning opportunities to members with minimal overhead, look no further. NCRA, in cooperation with long-time distance learning partner InReach Continuing Education, is starting a sharing network for e-seminars, live webinars and other distance learning content. This bi-directional sharing network will allow state affiliates to both source e-seminars from NCRA and to also provide content to NCRA on a voluntary, case-by-case basis.

How It Works

For a nominal fee, InReach will create and host an “online catalog” for your state that is branded to match your website (similar to NCRA's online catalog). State affiliates will then have access to NCRA’s shared library of e-seminars, and can work with InReach to post their own content as well. After a pre-established minimum revenue is paid to InReach, revenue from sales of shared programs will be split between the producer of the program, the seller of the program, and InReach. Each state joining the network is simply required to sign a contract agreeing to the revenue split. The details of online registration, payment processing, customer service, and technical support are all handled by InReach’s trained staff.

Revenue Sharing

Selling Your Own Programs: Revenue from programs that you have created and sold via your own catalog will be split between you and InReach per your contract. NCRA is not entitled to any portion of those sales.

Selling NCRA Programs: If you include NCRA programs in your catalog, the revenue of those sales will be split between your association, NCRA and InReach according to your contract.

Sharing Your Programs with NCRA: If you chose to share programs that you have created with NCRA, your state will receive a portion of the sales of that program that take place via the NCRA catalog. See your InReach contract for more details.

Getting Started

For questions about the e-seminar sharing program, please contact Matt Riley, NCRA Education Program Manager. To begin setting up your online catalog or discuss specific fees and revenue splits, contact Mary Taylor-Doucet, InReach’s VP of Sales.