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Certification Test Center

Required Information for Candidates

Test candidates must be familiar with testing rules and regulations, have a thorough knowledge of their equipment, and understand the testing process including how the tests are administered. You must print, read and become familiar with the following information well in advance of your exam. As information, equipment specifications, test procedures, exam start times, and registration policies change from test to test, it is critical that you review these documents prior to each and every exam.

The following documents are the property of NCRA, and are for use only by certification candidates. The duplication, reprinting, and/or any other unauthorized use is strictly prohibited without written permission from NCRA. For your convenience, documents are in Adobe Acrobat format. If you don't have the Acrobat plugin, please visit the Adobe web site to download your free version of the Adobe Acrobat reader.

Skills Test Required Information

RPR/RMR Required Reading Information

CRR Required Reading Information

CBC/CCP Required Reading Information

Written Knowledge Test Required Information

RPR Required Reading Information

RDR Required Reading Information

CBC Required Reading Information

CCP Required Reading Information

CLVS Required Reading Information