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NCRA Webinars

Check back soon for upcoming Webinars.

In the meantime, explore NCRA's E-Seminar Library here or check out some of our recently added E-Seminars:

  •  Movement to Improve Your Work Day as a Court Reporter. Do you ache when you stand up at the end of the day? Are you developing consistent pain from sitting all day? Do you want to do something about it, but don’t know what? Dawn Peters has the solution for you– without pain killers or muscle relaxants!. 0.10 CEUs. Register here
  • I Got This - 6 Simple Ways to Stress Less When you Test. Change the way you think about test taking forever with Kim Colegrove. Learn 6 tipes to help you relax, focus and move through stressful situations with ease and confidence. 0.15 CEUs. Register here
  • Taking the Edge Off - Stress Reduction Strategies to Reduce Anxiety. Please join Kim Colegrove as she teaches self-coaching skills to alleviate anxiety and improve mental clarity.  Participants will learn to recognize triggers and reduce their own stress through a series of self-soothing exercises. 0.15 CEUs. Register here!