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Book Tests - 0.25 PDC

NOTE: Members may only earn 1.0 PDC to apply towards their current cycle requirements. PDCs may not be applied to CLVS or reinstatement continuing education requirements. Please review your Current Cycle Transcript before taking any book tests to ensure you have not reached that limit. It is also recommended you review your All Inclusive Transcript to ensure you have not taken a test before. You may only take a one test per book, pass or fail.


NCRA is committed to promoting reading and expanding the educational opportunities for our members. The Council of the Academy of Professional Reporters (CAPR) and the NCRA Teacher Certification Committee has approved the following books for use in the continuing education program for RPRs and CRIs. Listed, please find our Approved Reading List. Reporters may complete exams on any book listed and earn 0.25 PDC for passing grades of 85% and above. Tests are graded on a pass/fail basis and may not be repeated.

The books listed here represent a variety of of subjects and viewpoints, and their appearance in the list does not imply endorsement of the authors opinions or research by NCRA. Likewise, a book's absence from the list does not imply censure of any kind. 

Updated 2/22/2016. Any tests downloaded before that date that are no longer on this list must be submitted by 8/30/2016 in order to qualify for credit.


Member $45.00*

Non-Member $75.00*

*After Feb. 1, 2016, all tests not submitted through the online submission process above will incur an additional $25 manual processing fee.

PDCs will only be awarded to participants who pass the exam. Tests may not be repeated. Regardless of the price printed on the test, all tests are $45 for members and $75 for non-members with a $25 surcharge per test for any submitted by mail, email, or fax.

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