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Certification Test Center


Pearson VUE: The Value of Certification

This paper, published by Pearson VUE Professional Testing Centers, discusses the benefits of voluntary certification and the value derived from earning credentials, employing certified individuals, creating certification programs and relying on those demonstrated competencies. Read more…

May 3, 2014 Test Results

Test results are mailing the week of June 16, 2014. Newly certified individuals will also be listed online during the week of June 16th.

August 16, 2014 RPR and CRR exam in Illinois 

As some Illinois residents may know, the Illinois state CSR exam is being administered on August 16th. To accommodate candidates who plan to sit for the state CSR and NCRA's RPR or CRR, NCRA will administer the RPR and CRR exams on Saturday, August 23rd instead. This alternate date is only for the testing site in Illinois.


Recent News

Board Makes Changes to the RMR and RDR Programs. Read more...

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