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TechCon 2013 Ignite Session Call for Proposals

Thank you for taking the time to submit an Ignite session proposal for TechCon 2013. Please fill in the information below and press the submit button.
Proposals are due no later than Friday, November 30, 2012.

Submitter Information
Ignite Talk Information
What is one interesting thing about yourself that you want to share? (You can share your interests, hobbies, fascinating travel experiences, education, etc.)
What are you passionate about in the world of technology?
In approximately 75 words, please provide a short bio about yourself and your background.
Please list the proposed title of your Ignite talk. Be creative!
Why should court reporters, legal videographers, trial presenters, and other legal technology professionals want to hear your session?
In 100 words or less, please describe the session topic and what you intend to cover in your five-minute Ignite presentation.
In just 20 words or less, what would the marketing blurb be to advertise your Ignite session?
What are three to five key words you would use to describe your proposed Ignite session?

Required = required information