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NCRA Board of Directors
Tami Keenan, RPR, CPE

Tami Keenan, RPR, CPE

Immediate Past President
Battle Creek, Michigan

Tami Keenan has been a court reporter since 1988 and an official reporter for the 37th Circuit Court in Battle Creek, MI since 1990.   She has served on numerous MAPCR committees, their Board of Directors, and was the President of MAPCR for the 1999/2000 term. In 2002 she received the Alton Cobb Award for her work in testing.  In 2007 she was the recipient of MAPCR's Distinguished Service Award.   She has been a member of NCRA since 1986 and has served on various NCRA committees and task forces including the DMV Task Force.  She has also presented numerous seminars for state associations and written articles that have been published in the JCR and in state newsletters.