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Jo Anne Horn Leger, RPR, CRR

Cleveland, Texas

Jo Anne Horn Leger, a 26-year veteran court reporter from Cleveland, Texas, is an official court reporter who has been assigned to the 253rd District Court for Liberty and Chambers counties since 1999. She is recognized as the first reporter to provide realtime reporting within that court. She holds the professional certifications of Registered Professional Reporter (RPR) and Certified Realtime Reporter (CRR).

Prior to that, she worked as a freelance reporter and as a closed captioner and has experience reporting in the medical, technical, and maritime areas. She also provided closed captioning for several local news stations including KHOU Channel 11 in Houston, Texas, and is recognized as being one of the first reporters to provide realtime captioning.

A graduate of the Professional Court Reporting School in Richardson, Texas, Leger has been a member of NCRA since 1988 and as served has chair of its Constitution & Bylaws Committee and as a member on its Nominating Committee. She is also a participant in the National Court Reporters Foundation Veterans History Project, which makes the transcripts of the stories of American veterans available to the Library of Congress.

Active at the state level, Leger has served in all leadership positions for the Texas Court Reporters Association (TCRA) and was inducted into the TCRA Hall of Fame this past May.  In 2007, Leger was honored with the association’s Above & Beyond Award and in 2005, she earned first place in TCRA’s sixth annual realtime competition. She is also a past chair of TCRA’s Law Book, Ethics, and Education committees, and has served on its Officials, Nominating, Annual Convention and Membership committees.

At the local level, Leger served in all leadership positions of the now dissolved Bay Area Court Reporters Association of Texas (BACRAT), of which she was a founder. She served the association as chair of its Fall Seminar, Continuing Education, and Spring Seminar committees, as well as a member on its Bylaws and Students committees.

Leger currently serves as a member of Alvin Community College of Court Reporting Advisory Board. 

Leger is a frequent presenter at court reporting events and has spoken before TCRA, the Houston Court Reporters Association, the Harris County Official Court Reporters Association, the Tarrant County Court Reporters Association, and the Court Reporting Institute of Houston Student Seminar.

Leger also holds membership in the StenoCat Users Group.