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Rick Levy, RPR

Miami, Florida

Rick Levy, RPR, is a court reporter from Miami, Fla., and has been a firm owner for 10 years. Prior to opening his firm in 2003, he worked as an independent contractor for Mudrick, Witt, Levy & Consor, where he handled reporting assignments including worker’s compensation, personal injury, commercial litigation, and construction defect cases both in depositions and hearing, as well as numerous jury trials.

A member of NCRA, Rick has served on the Nominating and Elections Committees, the Freelance Community of Interest, and as chair of the Firm Owners Conference.

Rick is an active member of the Florida Court Reporters Association where he served as its president in 2010. He has also served as FCRA’s secretary, president-elect, vice president, and director-at-large. He has also served as chair of its Membership and Nominating Committees, and co-chair of its Conference Committee.