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NCRA Board of Directors
Michele York

Michele Melhorn York, RMR

Washington, D.C.

Michele Melhorn York is an Official Reporter of the United States House of Representatives living in Washington, D.C.  Originally from Pennsylvania, York holds the professional designation of Registered Merit Reporter (RMR), as well as holding the New Hampshire designation of Licensed Court Reporter. 

At the national level, York has been involved with NCRA’s Ethics First Task Force, Constitution and Bylaws Committee, and the Finance and Planning Subcommittee.  Michele has attended many of the association’s Leadership Conferenced, Legislative Boot Camps, and served as the NCSA representative for New Hampshire. 

York served as a member of the New Hampshire Court Reporters Association (NHCRA) board of directors from 2006 through 2013.  She also holds membership in the Pennsylvania Court Reporters Association and sits on the New Hampshire Board of Court Reporters.