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NCRA Board of Directors
Doreen Sutton

Doreen Sutton, RPR

Scottsdale, Arizona

Doreen Sutton, RPR, has been a freelance court reporter for 20 years and currently runs her own firm. She has also worked per-diem for the courts and has previous experience in banking, bookkeeping, payroll, and accounting. Doreen has been an NCRA member since 1992. She is a member of the Arizona Court Reporters Association and has served on their board, including as president. She has also served as editor to ACRA’s newsletter, Arizo - notes. In addition, she serves on the Gate-Way Community College Court Reporting Department Advisory Board. Doreen is also involved with another reporter in providing deposition “how-to” instruction to the Phoenix School of Law. She is also involved with the local parent-teacher organization and served both in the school as room parent and on the PTO executive board. She is the author of Erhardt’s Edition of Briefs and Phrases.