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2013-2014 Board of Directors
About NCRA

NCRA is internationally recognized as the premier educational and informational resource for its members and the public. Through its actively involved membership, the association impacts legislative issues and the global marketplace. NCRA's certification programs provide members opportunities for success and recognition.

NCRA Mission Statement

The National Court Reporters Association promotes excellence among those who capture and convert the spoken word to text and is committed to supporting every member in achieving the highest level of professional expertise.

President's Address

Thank you.  I want to thank each of you here in this room today and I want to thank everyone who works within our great profession because when it comes to all of the great things that we can do together as a profession, as a family, it really does take each and every one of us working together, pushing in the same direction.  I would also like to thank some people who are here today to share in this moment with me.  I know my family is well represented here today, thank you for being here.

Board Member Spotlight
Tami Keenan, RPR, CPE
Tami Keenan, RPR, CPE
Immediate Past President
Battle Creek, Michigan

Tami Keenan has been a court reporter since 1988 and an official reporter for the 37th Circuit Court in Battle Creek, MI since 1990.   She has served on numerous MAPCR committees, their Board of Directors, and was the President of MAPCR for the 1999/2000 term.